Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another Week in the Mission

And, behold, it came to pass that another week had passed in the mission of Elder Clifford....

Well this week was just as exciting as every other week has been in Roca. A whole lot of contacting and looking for people to teach. With my new companion Elder Stoker from American Fork, Utah, we are working super hard. We are talking with every person we see and have seen a little improvement. I think we should have a lot of success going into these next couple weeks.

So this week was also REALLY hot. I'm dying. It was in like the 30's all week. And the sun, I don't know why, but its much stronger here. I am struggling with the heat but I'm surviving. Ive been told it should get better this week. Lets hope, eh?

Funny Story of the Week: We went to meet the Zone Leaders at the chapel to let them borrow our phone charger. We unlock the chapel doors and a super loud alarm starts going off. The Zone leaders start punching in whatever numbers they can think of to shut it off while they are yelling at us to call the District leader for the code. It was so funny. But you would think the zone Leaders would know the code. But no.

Anyway, Things here are truckin' along. Keep the prayers for The Universitario Ward coming. We need it. Pray for less heat. Please and Thank you. I love you all and couldn't be more grateful for your support. Until Next week,

Elder Clifford

P.S. Sis Burnham, I got your package and card. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts! Those rings will go to good use! 

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