Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sorry guys!


I’m so sorry to all of my loyal blog readers. You guys are great and I’m sorry I haven’t written for awhile! Too long!

Ok! Well I am still in Lamarque but I am with Elder Stoddard from Utah now. We are having a great time and the work is really going well. Lamarque is hard because our work is mostly with less actives who have testimonies but it is hard for them to come to church because in Lamarque we don’t have a chapel or even a place to rent. We are meeting in the house of an investigator. She is the one who has a smoking problem and as a side note, the doctors last week gave her 8 months to live so if you could please keep LIDIA and her family in your prayers, that would be greatly welcomed. Thanks.

I had so much planned out to say and it has just all left my mind. We have investigators that are progressing fairly well. One in particular, M, is great. He contacted us in the street asking what we were doing. We explained and he invited us back and actually called us the next day asking when we were coming! Capo!! We have been back a couple time. He is truly worried about his salvation and, although he likes to be shown everything from the Bible, is very receptive. He hasn’t accepted the Book of Mormon yet but we have a lesson today and we are going to answer his mountain of question using verses from the Bible and Book of Mormon to show him that they teach the same because they come from the same: Prophets who talk with God. Nothing more, nothing less. 

The mission is great. It is going by so fast and sometimes it’s hard to believe, but I am grateful to be here. I am grateful for my parents and their examples for me. I am grateful for my siblings and their love and support for me. I am grateful to my ancestors who were willing to listen to two little boys like me and accept what they were saying. I’m grateful for a Heavenly Father who trusts me, an unfruitful servant, to do His will and allows me to work miracles. I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ that died for me and for you and for all of us to give us the chance to repent and be clean; to change; to better ourselves; to be more like Him. I pray that we can’t recognize that great blessing in our lives each day and especially as we partake of the Sacrament weekly. 

I love you all. I’m grateful for your love and prayers. The support is tangible. I apologize sincerely for my spelling errors. I was bad before plus a year in Argentina and it’s really gone to the crap. Sorry. I hope you have a great week! And I promise I’ll try and get better at writing weekly!!

Elder Clifford

(His mother makes corrections to all his spelling errors)

Last Zone Conference with Presidente y Hermana Lovell - June 2015

Picture from Stake Conference in Roca 6/12/15

More Pictures

 Went on exchanges. Found a phonebooth. Cool!

 My zone last transfer

A Family Home Evening as a branch on Saturday. 
Lots of food. Yum!


 Our district 2 transfers ago. We went to a river close by

 Elder Peel and I with the family M and her daughter and grand kids 
that came up from Puerto Madryn

An amazing kid that I started teaching way back in Cipolletti that got 
baptized the week after I left.