Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Tsunami and The Thunderstorm

Welcome to another exciting blog post all the way from Roca, Argentina! This week we had both a thunderstorm and a tsunami here is Roca. 

So our area is still trucking right along to the middle of nowhere haha But I'm loving it. We have lots of good potential but we go to visit people and they don't answer the door. That is our problem. Also, for those that don't know, there is this thing called the Siesta here. Basically, from about 12 noon to 5pm or later, the world shuts down. Everyone goes home to sleep and no one answers. Its really just wonderful... if you're Argentine. If you're a little American missionary trying to help people, its pretty much death. But I love Argentina and all its kwirks.

So we did really have a tsunami. A Tsunami in missionary terms is when all the missionaries from the are spend a couple hours in your area contacting, trying to give the area a boost. Unfortunately, that boost has not helped us. The whole no one answers their door is a problem. That really seems to be the root problem of our lack of success here. But we may have another tsunami this week so stay on your toes people! Also prayers for Universitario and elder Clifford and Elder Muñoz! Please and Thank you! 

We also had a HUGE thunderstorm this week. It was pretty much the highlight of the week, not gonna lie. I took a video, but it may or may not get uploaded because it will probably take like an hour to upload. Later down the line Ill get it to you guys. Its got come nice commentary to it. Its a worthwhile film. 

Well that pretty much sums it up. Today I was ready from conference talks from May and found something I really liked. Its from a talk entitled Spiritual Whirlwinds by Elder Niel A Andersen. There was a quote that applies to everyone, members and non members, that I want to share with you all. 

"In nature, trees that grow up in a windy environment become stronger. As winds whip around a young sapling, forces inside the tree do two things. First, they stimulate the roots to grow faster and spread farther. Second, the forces in the tree start creating cell structures that actually make the trunk and branches thicker and more flexible to the pressure of the wind. These stronger roots and branches protect the tree from winds that are sure to return.4
You are infinitely more precious to God than a tree. You are His son or His daughter. He made your spirit strong and capable of being resilient to the whirlwinds of life. The whirlwinds in your youth, like the wind against a young tree, can increase your spiritual strength, preparing you for the years ahead."
I love that advice by Elder Andersen. We ALL truly are sons and daughters of a loving and kind Heavenly Father. He wants us to succeed, always. He has provided us the ways to hold strong when the whirlwinds of life blow stranger than we think we can handle. Stay strong. You can do it all through the power and Grace of Christ and our Heavenly Father. 
¡Sepan que te amo muchísimo! Oro cada noche por ustedes y estoy tan agradecido por su amor y apoyo. Gracias por todo. Sigan adelante.
Elder Clifford

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