Saturday, July 25, 2015

Months of work and prayers pay off....


Wow. Sometimes I just feel so unworthy of the blessing my Father in Heaven gives to me. Correction: not sometimes, always. These last two weeks have been crazy cool. Let’s hope I remember some of the good stuff going on:

1)      JAS of Puerto Madryn - JAS stands for Young Single Adults in Spanish. We had like 15 of them come up from Puerto Madryn (like 6 hours away) to work in our branch. We had 4 of them working with us in Lamarque. They went around contacting less and inactives and also doing a bit of door knocking for us. It was only for like an hour and a half but it was a real help and it got them all excited about missionary work. IT was awesome. They also hosted several activities in the church all weekend and then stayed for Sunday church. 

2)   M and his family - This was a direct answer to lots of prayers: mine, my companions and I believe to yours as well, so thanks you!! As we waited in a park for the people from Puerto Madryn to finish up so they could drive us back to the church, we had this guy flag us down in the park. He talked kind of quiet and was a little odd. We thought he was just drunk, but we decided to talk to him anyway. Turns out, he is a member and lives here with his wife and daughter. They moved here 7 months ago and haven’t been able to find the church. We talked with him and he asked us where and when we have church. We told him where and that actually the next day we had to go to the actual church in the other city. He asked is we could go together and totally came with us. Met him Saturday and was at church on Sunday. AMAZING!! We have spent some time in his house and he told us that that day, he just felt the need to go to the park and so he went off on his motorcycle. Then we were just sitting in the park when we showed up. Who knew that the Lord would guide us to go take a break and sit in the park while waiting for other people. Amazing. They have come to church 2 weeks in a row. YAY FOR WORTHY PRIESTHOOD HOLDERS IN LAMARQUE!!!!

3)   Late blessings from the fence - I think I told you guys that a couple weeks ago we helped out some people build a fence? Well, we are teaching the daughter and her family who were out there helping us and its going well. They have lots of questions and are starting to read in the Book of Mormon. And they are already married!!!! That is rare down here. We are excited to work with them.

4)   The house was full - Yesterday was a beautiful day for sacrament meeting. Our normal attendance here in Lamarque is like 6 or 7 including us with no priesthood holders except us in the little, humble house. Yesterday, tears came to my eyes as the house was full. We didn’t have enough chairs. We had 16 not including us with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!!! FIVE!!!! Priesthood holders, Aaronic and Melchizedek. Granted they are less actives and require a bit of work before they can help us out, it was amazing. Thank you for your prayers for Lamarque and please keep praying. The Lord is working MIRACLES here! 

I don’t really remember anything else major, plus I’m almost out of time. Thank you for everything. I testify that prayers are answered in the Lords time and when it suits His will. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father. They are so good to me. 

I love you all dearly.

Elder Clifford 

Us and the members from Puerto Madryn that came up
 The picture we took after Sac. Meeting 7/19/15
Us with a family we are teaching and a Clifford cup
This one is one of my favorites pictures yet in the mission.

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