Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Church Building

The weather is beautiful here in Lamarque. We didn’t have winter this year. Everyone is shocked haha it’s been GREAT! 

We are hoping that next Sunday, 8/9/15 we will be in the new building for church (which may end up being my last here due to transfers). But there are elections this Sunday and it is mandatory to vote here, so due to laws in this country, we may not be able to have church at all. We have to check with the town hall people to figure it all out. It’s silly but it’s what we live with. 

Hopefully I can enjoy at least one Sunday in the new building before I amtransferred. With the building I think attendance is going to go up at least 4 or 5 more.   Our attendance has already gone from 6 with 0 priesthood holders to 13-18 with 3 active priesthood holders as of yesterday 8/2/15 so I am CONTENT!  Even if I don’t get to experience the new building.

From the pictures, you can see stained glass windows just like a real church.  The building used to be a funeral home!!   My dad asked me if there are dead bodies in the basement and said I shouldn’t go and look!!  I told him that the exciting part!!

On Saturday, we spent some time doing some service with the members cleaning up the new building. 

We spent the next two days in our pension, my Comp was really sick and we made a trip to the hospital on Sunday. We are keeping things pretty low key right now until he feels better.

We made some YUMMY fruit salad. The liquid is juice, that’s how they do fruit salad here. It’s like a soup.

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