Saturday, July 11, 2015

¡MILAGROS por todos lados!


Wow. What a week. First off: Happy 4th of July! And ¡¡Feliz 9 de Julio!! This week was crazy busy and full of lots of miracles.

1)   Roca! - This week we took a surprise trip to Roca (3 hours away by bus) to go meet the new Mission Presidente, Presidente Casariego. They are so wonderful! They are from Uruguay and have 4 children. One lives in Rexburg, ID, another in Los Angeles, CA, another in Toronto, Canada and then one daughter is going to be living with them here in the mission. They are both returned missionaries and are really excited to be here with us. It’s going to be a great year with them!!

2)    A Place of Our Own!! - This week, after fighting for two months and waiting and looking and working, we FINALLY got news that the place that we found to rent got approved to begin renting. It is literally a miracle because our little group in Lamarque has 5 active members on a good day and no active priesthood holders. Incredible. The Lord and the stake has put a lot of confidence in this place and I know without a doubt it will be worth the effort. It was a long hard wait but it’s a HUGE blessing for Lamarque. 

3)  Less Actives - These past weeks we have seen lots of progress with our less and in active members. We had one start coming and she now wants to go to the temple in September. Yesterday, without really inviting anyone, we had 3 less actives show up to church in Choele Choel. Keep in mind it is pretty hard for members to get to Choele because they have to taxi there and it’s like 15-20 minutes. But 3 showed up and one is a Priesthood holder!! Wow. It may not seem like much but it is a HUGE deal!

Other fun things:
We did a lot of service this week which is fun, but we are very tired. Lots of shovels and dirt. Argentina lost to Chile 1-0 in the final of the American Cup. Sad.
We ate horse meat for lunch one day. Surprisingly delicious!! 

All in all it was a fantastic week. We can really feel the love and mercy of the Lord in our area here in Lamarque and He is ever present of what we need and is so willing to give it to us. Miracles are happening and I am grateful to be able to be here as an instrument in His hands to be able to do it. This truly is His work and when we work hand in hand with Him, working to accomplish His will, there is nothing in this world that can stay His mighty hand. I am learning that more than anything. This is His world and what He wants will happen. Trust Him. Always.

I love you all. I feel your love. I will always be true to the Kirkland First Ward even though I may be part of the Willows Ward now. I love and miss you all. Thank you for everything! ¡Hasta luego¡ 

Elder Clifford

 The message we got from our Stake President this week. Translation: "Recently today the rent got approved. I hope that during the week I'll have more information to know what to do." Lamarque is getting a building to rent!!!!!!!!!! We are pumped and it is literally going to change everything here!!

President and Sister Lovell with our new President, President and Sister Casariego

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