Monday, August 4, 2014

Another week...

Welcome one and all to another riveting adventure that will stir both your Spirit and your mind! ...Ok I cant promise that. Sorry.

This week was interesting to say the least. My new companion and I are getting along really well. He is from Oregon and we have a lot of the same interests so it makes for a good time.

This week was a bit unsuccessful as far as actually teaching people. So the thing is we have people to teach but their schedules are just so incredibly busy that we cant see them very often, which means they aren't progressing and so nothing really happens. Its been a bit rough but we are doing what we can. The Lord will provide. Our Heavenly Father wants His children to understand this gospel and be happy so when they are ready, He will touch their hearts and put us where we need to be. Here's hoping!

So we had our training for the Capilla Abierta (Open Church) this week. So we have a day where all the members are at the Church and there are all sorts of presentations to explain what we do in our church. Everyone is really excited and I'm excited to see what comes of it. For more information see the Mission Blog. But it should be amazing. We are hoping to see a lot of miracles. We are also gonna set up a stand at a local Flea Market to draw up attention and excitement. We are excited. I'm really looking forward to it. Its gonna be amazing!

Keep up the good work everyone! Fight the good fight! Remember who you are and what you stand for! You can do it!

Elder Clifford

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