Monday, August 25, 2014

The Week with the Cool Fireside

Howdy Everyone!! 

So as the title states, we had a super cool fireside this week in our ward. As missionaries we helped plan it but it was about the missionary work here since we have a big activity coming up this Saturday. We watched parts of La Luz de La Verdad (sorry I don't know what its called in English) But it is a super great training thing. I suggest watching it. But we watched parts of that and people bore their testimonies about the importance of missionary work and it was super cool. The best part was the practices. So we asked the members to go into the Cultural Hall and practice inviting their friends to the activity. I didn't think it would go very well and I didn't think the members would want to participate, but it was amazing!! They all did the practice and were really getting into it! It was so cool to see everyone so excited for this activity. I am excited to see the miracles that come from this amazing activity on Saturday. Its going to be great!!

This week we also had Zone Conference in Neuquen. We got up early and headed into town. It was really cool though. I always like hearing the things President Lovell has to say. He is a very knowledgable man. One of the things I really enjoyed that he said is that sometimes, feeling tranquil and calm isn't always the spirit. It was an interesting thought. Something to think about: how we can make sure to always have the Spirit.

Wow and hour is just not enough. Sorry again for the short email. I love you all and am grateful for your continual support.

Lots of Love,
Elder Clifford

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