Friday, July 25, 2014

The Week Where I Became Legal

Why Hello My Loyal Readers! Thanks for your support!

So this week, as the title says, I became a legal person in Argentina! Wooh! I spent an entire day in Neuquen running back and forth from different government buildings and waiting in lines for hours so I could sign a couple of papers. It was horrible, but I am now a legal missionary in Argentina for the next year! Then I have to do it all over again! YA!

This week for PDay we went to a nearby lake! It was super cool! We had to take this really sketchy bus to get there. It was super funny! And since it is the middle of winter, the place looked like an abandoned town. But it was really pretty and we had a lot of fun! 

So yesterday here in Argentina was Dia de Amistad, or Friendship Day. We watched a really cool video with a family. Please follow the link below and watch. It's magnificent. I was reminded that no matter what, Jesus Christ is our best friend. Only he knows exactly what we are suffering through because he went through it too. Only he can provide the real comfort that we need to get through whatever is happening to us. John 15; 13 says "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Only the Savior Jesus Christ can understand. I was reminded of that this week and Ive been trying to really turn to Him and my Heavenly Father for everything, because only They can truly console us. I am so grateful for my heavenly older brother and the support and love he provides for me. 

Sorry for the short email! One hour really is not enough! I love you all and am grateful for your prayers and support!! It means so much!!

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