Friday, July 11, 2014

The Week of Letters

Thank you to everyone who wrote me this week!! I received 4 letters!! Those are like gold out here. (Side note - the letter I received were sent in like early June. I replied to all of them but just sent them off today, so don’t think I forgot about you!!) But thanks! It makes the week so much better!! For P-Day this week we did a little hike. It was super fun and you could see so much. I included pictures.

We had Zone Capacitcion this week. It’s basically just a training meeting for 3 hours but it was really great. We talked a lot about the importance of small and simple things. It was really great. The small and simple things are really what makes the difference in not only our investigators lives but in ours as well. I love trainings here. They're the best. (I just found the apostrophe button. ''' - Now I can be more grammatically correct. I know it's what you all wanted.)
Also we had a bit of a miracle yesterday. Ok well Sacrament Meeting was just great. It was fast and testimony meeting. It was incredible to hear the testimonies of the ward members. But before, every Sunday morning we go to one of our area called Costa De Reyes. It's about 15 by bus and so there are a lot of inactive members  because it's a bit of a hassle to get up and get there. But one of the inavtives, T, we finally got him to come to church!! So he is an elderly man and had been inactive for a while. We visit him all the time because he is the only Endowed member there. But we finally got him there!! It was great!!
There is also a member that we take out with us a lot. The same one that we helped with family history a few weeks back. But she goes out with us a lot. She bore specific testimony about how much love she feels when she goes out with us and that we invite her to go out with us. It was great to see that already I can see the impact that the missionary work has on the members just as much on the converts. I love it. That family is one of my favorites. They are all converts and are just so great!
We also found a few new people this week!! The first one was E. He is a neighbor of one of the members. She had been talking to E a lot about the church and things and told us to visit him so we did. We found out that his wife died a few years back and his son recently passed away too. It’s really sad. But he has so much faith and so we are helping him work through this hard time in his life by explaining the knowledge that we have of the afterlife and the peace we can receive in this life from the Lord. We also contacted an antiguo, C. He is a teacher here and has met with the missionaries before. He told us he reads the Book of Mormon occasionally when he has time, but has never done anything because he has never received the answer that he is looking for. I’m sure he has but doesn’t recognize it. We're going to help him realize. But they're both great!
This week was great. I love the mission and everything about it. It’s a spectacular experience like nothing else. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. I love you all and I love this Gospel. It truly is life changing.
Elder Clifford at the end of his hike

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