Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mundial Part Two

Hey Everyone!! 

This week was really busy. First, Mundial ended in a sad way this week. Argentina lost in Final game yesterday, 0-1 to Germany. It was sad. But both Wednesday for the Semifinal and yesterday for the Final, all the missionaries had to be in their pensions during and after the game to keep us safe. Wednesday we did get to go out a little after, but not far. I have videos of the chaos but this computer isn’t connecting with my camera, so not pictures this week. Next week I will send the videos though. Sorry!

But this week we also have Interviews with President Lovell. We headed to the other side of our zone, Cinco Salto, to have classes and interviews. It was really great though! The Assistants talked about a lot of good things and helped us focus on the little things in order to make a bigger picture happen. It was really good. My interview with President was really cool. He is great and gave me a lot of advice on how to do things here. It was great.

We also had a really cool lesson where my bad Spanish actually paid off. We had a contact that said we could come back. So we went back to visit him. I didn’t really understand what he was saying at the door but I continued to ask him if we could come in for 5-10 minutes to talk. He said yes and let us in. Turns out he was saying that he had guests over, which was a lie. Funny how my bad Spanish worked out for the better. The Lord blesses in weird ways sometimes. But we taught him and his little daughter about the restoration and he has a baptismal date for the end of August. He also told us he would come to church on Sunday. Unfortunately, we tried to visit him on Saturday but they saw us and didn’t answer. We aren’t sure what happened. Also they didn’t come to church. It’s a bit back to step one now, but at least we know that he has felt the Spirit. That’s the first step.

I also did exchanges this week. So that is when we switch companions for a day to see how other areas are and how other people work. It was nice to do that! I got a lot of practice in and it was nice to not have to worry about what these people think because I won’t see them again. Haha! But it was nice. No fear. It boosted my confidence a lot.

Bishop. Don’t get too excited. Still no Bishop, unfortunately. But the Stake President came to our ward yesterday to give us an explanation about what is going on. SO! They sent the recommendation form through Correo Argentina, which is the main mail system. But it turns out that it never made it to Utah. So no one knew that we didn’t have a Bishop until recently when they called to figure out what was taking so long. So they emailed one to make sure it got there for sure! That means, we should get a Bishop within the month!! Well we hope! (Side note - Correo Argentina is what I sent all my letters through, so if you wrote me and don’t get a response, it’s because they lost it. I promise I responded.)

We also rolled out a Ward Mission Plan this week! We hope that will help to animate the members about the work and get more action happening. We are also going to have a Capilla Abierta (Open Church) in August. I don’t exactly know what that entails, but I will let you know because it’s supposed to be AMAZING! Super excited. I will let you all know what that really means when I know more! But be excited!

Well that was pretty much this week!! This work is AMAZING! This ward is AMAZING! Everything is AMAZING! You all are AMAZING! I love you all and am so incredibly grateful for all of your support over the years and currently! 

Love you all!! ¡Chau!

Elder Clifford

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