Thursday, June 26, 2014

Orientation Week

Hola! Hope you all had AMAZING weeks!
So this week was great!! I had my orientation this week in Neuquen. Even though I've been here for 3 weeks, I arrived in the middle of a transfer and so they ccouldn't do the training until the beginning of a transfer so I had to wait a couple weeks. But it was super great! We stayed at the mission home and the food was really good! We had Lasagna, brownies, lemon pie, and so many other good foods. It was so great! But we had a lot of training on how the mission works and such. In all honesty, I was pretty bored the whole time because I basically knew it all because I have been here for 3 weeks already. But still good!
PDay was interesting because everyone was moving to their new areas and such, so we just played Monopoly in la Capilla. Nothing exciting haha But it was super fun. We tend to get super heated over monopoly. Its a staple here in Centenario. We play at least once or twice a month. It's great!
Friday was SUPER fun! So it was Dia de Bandera (Flag Day) so the ward had a huge party! There was lots of home-made food which was delicious as always and even some traditional Argentine dancing. It was super fun to see that ward gathered for a party like that. Our ward isn't that big and there are just like 6 or 7 main families that comprise most of the ward of like 70. But it was fun to see everyone get together and have a good time! I love this ward! Its so great!
The only two real investigators we have are progressing, but slowly. We can only get to them once a week so that makes it hard. We are still trying to just contact all of the Antiguos we have so that we have a big pool of contacts for July. But I can feel big things coming!! Pray for Centenario!!
I love you all and I promise you I really do feel the support!! I feel the blessings of all of your prayers and thoughts for me!! I cant thank you enough for that!!! Keep up the good work!! Keep doing amazing things!!
With SO much love, 
Elder Clifford

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