Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All Is Well In Argentina...

¡Hola todos!

So this week was much better than last! I’m starting to understand more and more of Spanish and so I can communicate much more effectively!! What a blessing!!
So I’ve got a request to talk about the food here! So it’s delicious, always! Some of the popular meals are: Milanesa, which is like bread-crusted fried meats basically, ñoquis, which are like a potato pasta thing, Pizza, it’s really good pizza, the stuff they use is really good quality. They love putting hard-boiled eggs on everything! Pizza, in rice, in potatoes, everything! But I’m ok with that! They also have Asado which is like BBQ, but that’s more of a summer thing so I will have that later. The only bad thing about all this delicious food is that they use a lot of oil and they get offended if you don’t eat a lot. So it will be a miracle if I don’t get fat. It’s a problem. Who knew that would be a problem.
The weather! So normally the weather here is really dry, but as I said, it was really wet when I got here. It has dried out and we haven’t had rain this week. So instead of being muddy I’m just dusty. Better, but I still don’t like it. Right now its winter down here so it’s pretty chilly almost all day. No snow or anything, just brisk all the time. Jackets are needed. I was talking with some of the people in my district (which is the best, by the way!) but I guess during the summer, it’s like always in the 90s-100s. I am actually going to perish here. It’ll be a struggle. And no one has AC. Just fans. Not excited.
So Centenario is where I’m serving now. It is a pretty large city, but not super big. I would compare it to Redmond or Kirkland, but not as nice. We also do a lot of walking, but my feet are more or less holding up. All the roads are asphalt, but covered with dirt, so that’s fun. The people here are more or less friendly. My ward is great! The people are wonderful and very accommodating to my language inabilities. It’s great! It’s also super tiny relative to K1. It’s like 50-70 probably. Also, we don’t have a Bishop. We haven’t had one for MONTHS! It’s insane. From what I’ve been told, it’s made a lot of things really hard on the ward, as you can imagine. But rumor has it we should be getting one soon! Here’s hoping!!

We still aren’t having much luck with finding investigators in our area. But we are trying our best and I know the Lord will provide in His time. It’s still hard for me to comprehend because I just assumed I would get here and have so many people to teach and we would be baptizing and this and that. But that is the opposite of what is happening right now. But it’s ok. Pray for Centenario!! We need all the help we can get!!
I love you all!! I feel your support!! I’m grateful for everything you all have done for me!!
Sister Elison: I love you so much! Thank you for all the support! You and Sister Rowley are just the best!! I miss you guys so much!! Tell the seminary kids I send my love!

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