Friday, June 20, 2014


Hola Everyone!!
So the Fifa World Soccer Cup began this week. Its insane!! Super Bowl has NOTHING on the World Cup!! So just to give you some insight on how crazy it actually is, Argentina played their first game last night. They won. Literally, cars were driving around with people hanging out the windows with flags, honking their horns meanwhile other people would just start firing shots into the air. Like insane. May I remind you that this is the FIRST game they played. If they keep winning, its going to be CHAOS! We had to take a taxi home last night because we were afraid to walk the streets because we are White. Its a problem. It also makes it really hard to work because everyone is watching the game. But we are surviving. I'm just hoping the US loses soon. If they win its really going to be dangerous for us. But we should be ok because its the US, and Soccer, and those don't mix. Its how the world works. 
But other than that, this week was good! 
We taught one of our investigators, A. She is super great! She's got a baptismal date for the middle of July. So that's great! Unfortunately though, we weren't able to meet with that family that we found last week. =( They can only meet on Sundays because they have a super busy schedule and since Argentina played last night, they couldn't meet with us because they had to watch the game. The Mundial is definitely going to interrupt the work. 
Another fun thing happened this week. So Coca-Cola just went down our street and handed out free Coke. Super cool! Except we cant drink Coke in this mission, but we can exchange them for Sprite and Fanta. We were pretty happy, needless to say. 
Church meetings here are super great. Yesterday especially was great. So if I haven't already mentioned, the church schedule here is backwards. They have Priesthood/Relief Society first, then Sunday School, then Sacrament Meeting. But this Sunday, we got up and went to one of our areas, Costa de Reyes, to try and get some less actives to church. It was more or less unsuccessful because unless they are planning on attending church, no one is up at 8am. Oh well. The effort is still worth it. But we went to church and arrived in time for Sunday School. We had a great lesson on the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. It was great. I would suggest studying those. It helps you realize how much you really are blessed and you don't notice. It was great. Its also amazing to me that my Spanish tends to go in and out, but whenever I'm in a gospel situation, I can understand so much better. Its a real blessing. It completely fortifies my testimony of this work. Its amazing.
Sacrament meeting was also great. This week was transfers and we are losing and Elder and a Hermana. They bore their testimonies in Sacrament meeting. It was super powerful. Its amazing to see the love that builds up for people over the course so such a short time. They were both in tears because they didn't want to leave this great ward. I am beginning to feel that myself. The ward I am in is GREAT! Even without a Bishop, they are all still so devoted and its amazing to see their faith. I love it here!
One last blurb. I'm reading Our Search For Happiness by Elder Ballard. I would suggest reading that if you haven't already. Its super great!!
Anyway, I love you all! You're all doing amazing things! Keep up the good work! I've really learned that through Christ we can come out conqueror. Its an amazing feeling knowing that. Keep that in mind this week. Whatever you've got going on, you CAN beat it. That's why we have challenges. To build our faith in Christ and his power to help us overcome.

Elder Clifford
So excited for his Argentina cake!

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