Monday, June 9, 2014


Hey Everyone! I hope your excited for another riveting entry!!

So this week was great! For PDay last week my went ice skating! I'm not a fan of ice skating but it was fun anyway!

This week I had to travel to Neuquen to do Traits. So basically, we had to travel to Neuquen, Wait around at the mission home a bit, then go and get a picture taken, and wait around at the Police station for a couple hours. It was something to do with my Visa, so its a good thing I guess. It was funny though because one of the office workers went with us. He obviously does these a lot. So in order to speed things up, he went into the back to check on things because he knows all the people. When I go back, He is walking around taking Mate to everyone and filling it up in order to speed up the process! It was so funny. But the Police officers just asked us a few questions, we did fingerprints and then left. Fairly pointless. But its paperwork that has to be done for us to be legal.

We also had Zone Capacitation this week. Its basically just a zone conference but President isn't there. But it was really good. We got lots of training and the Zone Leaders (Elders Slavens and Gomez) taught us a lot of great things. It was really good but I forgot to bring something to take notes with so I don't remember a whole lot. But I learned to bring note taking materials to all events. So that's a good lesson right?

I'm really feeling the blessing pour in on me. Its incredible! Ill have days where I'm just really down and feel like nothing is going right and I don't understand why I'm here. But I love that in our times of struggle, we can go to the Lord in prayer and pour out our hearts and fears and desires to Him. Every time I have one of these bad days, I just pray even harder, and the next several days are always so much better and we have miracles. I have a strong testimony that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and gives us what we need as long as we have sincere intentions. Its great.

So we had a MIRACLE yesterday!! So cool!! So one of the Stake Leaders was visiting our ward yesterday and after Sacrament Meeting he found us and gave us a referral. It was a family they had invites to their daughters baptism and they felt really good about it after. Perfect right?!?! The only catch was that he didn't have an address. Great. He told us that they lived near a plaza, a cemetery, and they own a grey Ford Ranger. We had little hope, but both felt really goo about finding this family so we set out. We are clapping all these doors and no one has any idea who these people are. So we decide to go a little further out from where we thought they lived. We stumbled upon these two women cleaning their store front. We ask them if they know these people and they're like "Ya! Go down a couple blocks and then left a couple. They live around there." We both look at each other and couldn't believe what had just happened! Incredible. So we follow these directions and end up on a street that looks promising. So we clap some doors and still no one know who this family is. It was a bit ridiculous. So we meander down the road a little more and turn a corner and I kid you not. A grey Ford Ranger right in front of us. MIRACLE. I told my companion that I wanted to take a picture in front of this car because it was such a miracle! I think our testimonies doubled right in that instant. So we clap the door and this lady answers. She sees we are missionaries and says "We are busy!" and the door slams. Then another man comes out and  the same happens. We were crushed.

So we try clapping nearby doors to verify that this is the family we were looking for. No one answers. So we decide to clap one more house. This elderly woman comes out and we ask if she knows this family. She says yes and we are in the wrong place. So she directs us to go a block down and then a block and a half left. We turn the final corner in these directions and the street is lined with cars. We see a truck in the distance and I literally run towards it to see what it is. God is Great!! It was a grey Ford Ranger. I cant tell you how we managed to find this family other than by inspiration. Incredible. They are so great and they are married (which is a miracle in itself) and we are going to start teaching them. The wife already had questions that we were able to answer ad everything. So Great!!! It was amazing!!

This week was so great and so much better than the last. I can feel the blessing pouring in. Its amazing. This truly is the Lords work. I have no doubt about it.

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