Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bits and Pieces from emails over the past several weeks

Senillosa is a hard area, we are pretty much building it from very little.  When I was transferred here, it was almost a white wash situation, but I can do it. We had a baptism Saturday for a little 9 year old so that fun.

My companion was in Senillosa when I came but he is pretty new but he only has 3 months in the mission and has only benn in Senillosa for 4.5 weeks due to an emergency transfer.  He doesn’t understand much yet and doesn’t know how to say much so I’ve had to take on a big load with lessons and things but its working out well. 

The new Mission president, Presidente Casariego, is great. He is full of faith and really excited and is pushing us a lot!    

The weather is staying nice. Not too cold not too hot.  I’m ready for Spring, but not excited for what my summer has in store... haha

We have Elder Teixeira from the Quorum of the Seventy coming in a couple weeks and so we are busy preparing for that conference.

 Sunrise in Senillosa

 Some of the farmland, Spring is getting here and its going to be pretty!

The conference with Elder Teixeira was great! It was really a lot of fun and Elder Teixeira is a really funny guy.

At the conference I checked with the Elders serving in Lamarque.  The church attendance is doing really well, but no one is really progressing towards baptisms so it isn't looking too good. As you recall Lamarque is an area that may be cut if there are no baptisms.  I've determined I'll just have to move there when I get home and make it work haha.

Here in Senillosa, we have a couple investigators that should progress but we’ve had a really hard time getting to them. But that’s normal. The work moves slow down here and we are doing what we can. It’s just a trial of patience.

Now that I'm in a different Stake, I got to see some familiar faces from my first area!! 
A lot of fun to see them again!

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