Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I hate Bees...


Hey everybody! How are things going! Thanks for reading! I know it’s not that exciting but I hope you enjoy...

Well. Let’s start with the most interesting. This week marks one year in the mission. Can we believe that? It’s insane how fast things go out here. I can’t believe it. One half gone but I am so excited to see what half 2 brings me. I love the mission.

This week was great. We had a wonderful fast and testimony meeting and some of the members here from Lamarque were able to travel to Choele Choel for the meetings! In Lamarque we meet in a house here but for Testimony meeting we have to travel to the branch. It was great and the Spirit was really strong. 

As far as the work goes, it’s alright. We are finding lots of good people but the progress goes slow. That’s life here. But we are seeing lots of miracles and these next couple months should be incredible. I’m excited. 

I hate sitting down to write these letters. I always forget what I wanted to say. Funny story of the week: We are walking down the street and a bee flies down the back of my neck (keep in mind I am in white shirt and tie with a sweater on) manages to work its way to the front of my chest and stings me. Great. Luckily we were close to the pension so I could go and get it all taken care of. I hate bees. 

So I was reflecting this week on my mission and who I am. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best description about how I feel can be describe using SpongeBob. Hear me out. There is an episode where the Krusty Krab gets turned into a fine dining restaurant and SpongeBob has to forget everything except fine dining and breathing. I feel like as a missionary, that what I have to do: forget everything except the gospel and baptisms and Spanish. But I’ve realized that being able to clear my head has truly given me the opportunity to find myself. I know, sounds so cliché but it’s true. I am so grateful for the mission and the opportunities it gives me. I’m grateful for the year that I have spent here and for the year that is coming. It’s going to be great. I know that this truly is God work and I’m grateful every day to be able to do it. I’m glad that He trusted in an unworthy, unfruitful servant like me to be able to do it. What a blessing. I love you all. Keep trusting in the Lord. He can and does and forever will change lives.

Elder Clifford

We made empanadas with some members this week. Lots of fun.

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