Monday, December 8, 2014


HEY ALL! How are things going in the homeland?

Well, I love Cipolletti. We are seeing great thing happening here and the ward is amazing. The ward has about 130+ members that are actively assisting every week. It’s great.

This week we had a lot of really cool new investigators this week: 1) C and L: They were just a contact that we made. They immediately let us in and we chatted for a good long time. They had a lot of cool questions and we talked about the Book of Mormon and José Smith. It was really cool. They seem really prepared. 2) L: He was a reference from some other Hermanas in Cipo. They gave him one of the He is the Gift cards and he was really interested in the idea of eternal life. We went immediately and he let us in. We chatted and he told us that he really wants to go to church. He should be coming next week. 3) E: She was a contact. She was just leaving for work but told us to come back the next day. We went and we chatted for a long time about God and prayer. I think she is going to progress really fast. We are going to visit her tomorrow. 4) E: He is a younger kid, but is really interested in religion and God. He had a small accident recently that opened up his eyes a little. Super cool kid.

We are seeing lots of miracles and our area is already progressing a lot. The majority of our work seems to be with less active members, which is just as cool. But everyone we are working with seems to be progressing really well. It’s great. I am loving Cipolletti.

Funny story of the week: We did exchanges with the zone leaders. I was with an elder that was actually my comp a couple transfers back. But we got on a bus to go to the church. It was his first day using the bus system. We got on the wrong bus. We ended up going about 45 minutes away from the church and then just staying on the bus while it made its rotation back. We proceeded to get off where we got on and then just walk. It was pretty great. Best part, the activity started late so we didn’t miss anything! Super funny.

Also, on a sadder note. So here in Argentina, people typically just pile up their garbage and burn it. That’s the usual. Well this week, we found a burnt dog on top of one of the piles. It was sad. We are almost positive that it was dead before the burning, but still. It was a bit cool/gross.

Well, I am out of time, folks. I love you all and I have never been more sure that this is the work of the Lord. It comes in His time and when we are prepared for it. Keep on doing good things, but more importantly, great things. A wise Young Men's adviser once taught me: "Good is the enemy to great." May we all strive to do great this week instead of just good. I love you all!

Elder Clifford

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