Monday, February 15, 2016

New People to Teach


This week was a lot better. We found several new people to teach which is fantastic.  The Familia T didn’t come to church again so we have to figure out what the deal is with them

Our new investigators are actually all pretty interesting.

B and S - they are friends but we found them in B's house. We were just knocking doors and B let us in. We taught the Restoration and they seemed to like the message. We have appointments with them tomorrow.

F- We found her in the house of a less active that we met last week. The less active is super cool and wants to come back to church. She is his girlfriend and was very interesting in learning more!

V - She was an interesting find. There is this drunk inactive lady that we have been running into a lot lately (we are trying to help her quit drinking). But the inactive was at her friend V's house and called us over. While talking with the inactive, V liked what we were saying and was actually testifying with us haha. She wanted to come to church and learn more because she wants spiritual help in her life. We went to go pick her up to come to church but she couldn’t come. We are hoping she’ll come next week.

S - S wanted to shut the door in our face. She believes in God but not in an after life. We chatted with her and she alone decided that she wanted to know more. We asked her a couple questions and she realized she is missing something in her life. We have an appointment today.

M - M isn’t an investigator but we are going to see what happens. We don’t know who he is but is number is in our phone and he called us out of the blue telling us he couldn’t meet with us because his family doesn’t like us but he wants to learn and met with us because he has lots of questions. We told him he could call us or send a message whenever. Hopefully something will change so that we can meet with him and teach him.


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