Saturday, February 6, 2016



Things here in Bariloche are interesting.  We have a family that we are teaching and they are super cool. The anterior elders found them. It’s the Familia T. He was a pastor for another church and wasn’t happy with it. He had a lot of questions and wanted to find the true church. He was walking past our chapel one day and the gates were open because they were filling the font for a baptism. He just walked right in and started asking all sorts of questions. The elders taught him about the Restoration and he was hooked. He just needs to get divorced, they need to get married and then they get baptized. But other than that family, that’s all we have going for us right now. We contacted ALL week in the hot sun. The temperature is a lot cooler here in Bariloche but there is a HUGE hole in the ozone layer here and so the sun is SUPER strong. You can feel it burning sometimes. It’s crazy.  I’ve been getting burnt a lot but now I know haha.

My companions name is Elder Hoffman. He is from Sparks, Nevada. He has 7 months in the mission. 

There are 12 missionaries here in Bariloche. It’s a fairly big city. My area is in the mountains so there is a lot more up and downs than any my other area so my legs are getting a workout and I’ve been feeling a lot more tired, haha but it’s GREAT!

My new pension here in Bariloche isn’t bad, but it’s better than my last one and it has a WASHING MACHINE! So that’s a plus.  

R, from Senillosa, was baptized by a member who is preparing to go to the mission. We thought it was fitting. I also found out that they REOPENED LAMARQUE!! Which is really exciting for me. There are now 2 elders out there and 2 elders in Choele Choel which is how it was before. I’m stoked. 

Elder Clifford

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