Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy New Year!

January 4, 2016

We had a good New Year’s here. We had dinner with the same family we ate with on Christmas Eve. We had a really really good asado and salads and it was all really good. My comp and I made an apple crisp and that was good too. On New Year’s Day we were in NQN (Neuquen) and had really good weather.  In the morning it rained REALLY hard and was even hailing a bit but then it was just cloudy all day. When the sun finally came out, the ice cream shop opened up so it was all good timing haha. We ate tacos for lunch made by Mexicans, así que they were really good tacos. 

The work went really well this past week. We had lots of really good lessons and met a couple new people. Here is a quick recap:

1- R: We still want to get him baptized this weekend but we aren’t sure if we are going to be able to do it. He didn’t come to church on Sunday because his house got robbed and didn’t want to leave it alone. We went out to help him and we are going to see how it goes.

2- E and M: They are a young family with some kids. They both seemed interested in the message. M was a little more hesitant because she is Catholic but she told us that she always thought God had more for her and we told her that this was it. E was also interested so we are excited for them!

3- V: We met her this week and had 2 lessons with her. The first one we taught the Restoration and she was very hesitant about all of it. We explained the Book of Mormon and helped her to understand that it isn’t anything weird or crazy. In the other lesson, we went with a member who really helped. We taught her the Plan of Salvation but she wasn’t really focused. We ended up having a LONG discussion about prayer and left her a big commitment to pray and ask because she was kinda freaking out haha

4- L: We met him this week too. He goes to a church that is like the Jehovah’s Witness like they don’t celebrate things. We explained the book of Mormon a little and he was excited to read it so we'll see how that goes.

5- V: This is a different V. She has family that are members but she never got baptized. She has trouble receive an answer so we talked about that with her and it was cool because she told us that this is something that is going to require a lot of effort and church attendance to receive the answer. Unfortunately she left the next day for a trip to Buenos Aires so we couldn’t see her again but we have high hopes.

6- C: we also met a lady contacting and she told us she wanted to come to church with us the next day, unfortunately she is really pregnant and felt sick in the morning so she couldn’t come but we are going to visit her in the week.

Elder Clifford

New Years Eve Dinner

We made Senillosa T- Shirts!

 Riding in the back of a truck with some kids

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