Sunday, April 26, 2015

Que vago que soy.... Perdón

April 20, 2015

Hey all!! I’m sorry that I’m so bad at writing this email, but I’m sure my lovely mother has informed you that I am doing well. 

Well, I have been transferred. Actually like 3 weeks ago haha. Sorry. I am currently in Lamarque, a tiny city about 2.5 hours from Neuquen. It’s the tomato capital of Argentina, but no, I don’t eat many tomatoes. I am with Elder Peel, who has been in two of my previous zones so I know him already. It’s nice being in the mission long enough to know my future comps haha.

Well, as far as the work goes here in Lamarque, it’s pretty much the same: difficult but do-able. We are getting to know a lot of people and we have a lot of solid potential. A few highlights:

1) Hna. M: We say Hna M because she is basically a member. Her children are all members, we have church in her house, and she has been investigating for like 10 years. She smokes and it is hard for her to stop so she can’t get baptized. But she is great. Please keep her in your prayers. She has some serious health problems and will be going through some extensive surgeries in the next couple weeks.

2) R: She is a character. She is an atheist, at least that’s what she says. But she believes in God. The Book of Mormon really called her attention. She doesn’t want to have a relationship with God basically, but as she reads the Book of Mormon she is changing DRASTICALLY. We taught her yesterday and it was nada que ver with what she was before. 

3) Lady: Ya so this person isn’t an investigator yet but it’s a cool story. We contacted her house my first week here and she didn’t want anything really. Well, we decided to recontact the house and turns out her mother passed away a couple days ago. She was very receptive to listen to us and wants us to stop by a little bit later this week. That should be a good one!

4) Less actives: We have been having a lot a work with less actives and we should see some progress soon. We only have 4 people at church this week, plus us 2, but this week we are going to try hard and should be better next week.

I was told this week by a member that I have a Latin Accent! Biggest compliment ever!!!!! Soo happy.

I love you all. I love this work. I know that church is true. The Book of Mormon is true and changes lives. Que sigan adelante siempre. ¡Les amo!

Elder Clifford

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