Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another grand week in Roca....

¡Buen Día! Sorry I forgot to write last week! I got busy!

Well, the life in Roca is rough. Not going to lie. Our area is still a bit dry and we don't have much going on. As far as investigators, we have one and we are probably going to drop him this week because he doesn't come to church. So that will bring us from having at least one person to work with to an official zero. Prayers for Universitario D Please! Thanks!

This week was a little exciting because we went 4 days without power! So Tuesday morning the power went out and we couldn't figure out why. We figured it would come back so we didn't worry. Later we checked the cramped mailbox for our apartment complex and turns out we have a light bill. So the next day we went and paid that. Then we thought for sure we were in the clear. So we wait and still no light. We call the company and they tell us we have to wait 24 hours for it to be restored. More waiting and then nothing. So we finally on Friday go to the company and tell them whats going on and what do they tell us "Our records show you have light." Oh that's great but we don't so please fix it! So we talk to like 5 different people and finally they send guys out to go reconnect everything. We get a call a couple hours later from our neighbor who is a member and he tells us they couldn't do it for fault of payment. So we go back AGAIN and tell them that and show them that we paid and then the fix it. Needless to say at this point, all our food in the fridge had gone bad. The life of a missionary.....

Also last week was my birthday and I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I Love you and and thanks for making my first birthday in the mission a good one! My district made me a cake and we celebrated a little bit so that was fun! 

For our free day last week we went to a big River that is close to town. It was really nice. We played fútbol and enjoyed some relaxing time. It was nice. I forgot my camera so no pictures, again. Sorry! Next week!

Thanks for all your support and love! I appreciate every one of you! Keep on doing what the Lord has planned for you. He knows so much better than we do. I´'ve been trying really hard lately to change my will to be the Lords will. I invite you all to do the same. Although that will be a little hard as you are not a missionary, but I encourage you to try anyway. The Lord truly knows best and as we submit completely to His will, we make miracles through the guidance of the Spirit which can teach us all things. Keep up the good work. ¡Hasta ver!.

Elder Clifford

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