Saturday, March 12, 2016

Last Transfer

March 7, 2016

Today is transfers and I am staying in Bariloche.  So while everyone is coming and going we don’t have a lot planned for P-day today. We are going to eat lunch, ice cream (they have the best ice cream and chocolate in all of Argentina in Bariloche, its great!) and then go to a Catholic cathedral.

The investigators are good and if all goes well, should all be baptized before I go home. They each all have 1 assistance to church and you only need 2 minimum to get baptized.  F came to church with her boyfriend G (who is inactive) and their kids. S went on a weekend trip to Chile so she couldn’t come but we left her with a LOT of homework to do haha. E we saw this week and taught her the plan of salvation. We invited her to church but she didn’t come.   They are all really cool and are loving everything they are learning so it should be a good transfer. 

Obama is coming to Bariloche March 24 and 25. It should be crazy. He is coming with Argentina's president too so the city should be shut down for a couple of days. They say he is bringing 850 personnel with him haha. Chaos!!

Elder and Hermana Clark came to visit Bariloche, they are an elderly couple serving in Trevelin which is 6.5 hours south of Bariloche and its the southern most point of the mission and is 20 minutes from Chile. They are really great!


Elder and Hermana Clark visit Bariloche

Presidente and Sister Casariego with Elder and Hermana Clark

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