Thursday, February 12, 2015

"And the thunder rolls...."

February 9, 2015

Hey everybody! Thanks for tuning in to another exciting edition of The Argentine Life by Elder Clifford.

Well, things here are going good. As far as my area and the work there, we are in a finding stage. All the people we have been meeting and working with are fading from the initial wow factor that the Gospel always gets in people lives but they are doing ok. Hopefully we see some baptisms in our area in the next month or 2. 

But the other areas in the ward are doing great. This next Saturday, there is a wonderful family getting baptized. They were actually a reference from us and they live in our area but when we talked with the mom, she said the husband works a lot and so she prefers the sisters because her husband works a lot. But anyway, the sisters went and WOW! I have never seen anyone that is as prepared as they are. It’s crazy. And the ward completely took them in as part of the family instantly. It was great. The mom had received the missionaries in the past and almost got baptized but never took the step. But now the both parents are getting baptized and their oldest son. Really great.

So about the title of the email. Nothing big. I couldn’t think of a better title and we had a couple good thunderstorms this past week. In fact, Pday last week was great! We played soccer in the rain all day. It was way fun, until a giant lightning bolt went right over us and touched down nearby and so then we called it off and went inside haha but it was really fun. The only bad thing is that in the Patagonia, they don’t get a lot of rain and so they aren’t prepared for and so the streets flood super easily. After the storm last Monday we went downtown to do some shopping and the streets we all flooded. But we went anyway and got super wet. We were basically walking up to our ankle in water. It was fun.

I don’t think I’ve said thanks to everyone who sent me packages over the holidays! So Thanks! It really means a lot that you've kept me in mind. I receive quite a lot of candy which is nice haha! 

Thanks for everything you do. Just for spending time to read this means a lot to me. Thanks for your support and love. Thanks for your prayers. I truly can feel the influence. Keep praying for Cipolletti! I love you all. ¡Hasta Lunes! Chau.

Elder Clifford

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